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  1. Internet PAGE Provider- Put information of YOURS on the Web too !
  2. Web Site: * Jim Chico Rhythm Rounds Web Site
  3. Web Site: Cue Sheets From All Over
  4. Web Site: Atlanta Dance Directory A guide to dancing in Atlanta, GA.
  5. Web Site: WRD Worldwide Music Ltd Retailer of Ballroom and Latin, CDs books and DVDs
  6. Web Site: Dance Dresser Featuring: Dore, Supadance, International, Freed of London, and Dance Naturals of Italy
  7. Web Site: Fraud Org Information you need now!
  8. Web Site: Glide Dance Shoes We are a manufacturer and retailer of round dance, square dance and ballroom shoes.
  9. Web Site: Hilton Audio Products, Inc. Premium Quality Sound Equipment
  10. Web Site: Hanhurst's Records
  11. Web Site: Showtime Dance Shoes
  12. Web Site: Supreme Audio/Hanhurst's Tape & Record Service

    Round Dance Associations & Councils

  13. ICBDA International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association (formerly URDC)
  14. BAASDC British Association of American Square Dance Clubs (BAASDC)
  15. The Dance Connection in British Columbia
  16. C.S.R.D.S. Canadian Square & Round Dance Society
  17. C.R.D.A. Colorado Round Dance Assocation
  18. D.R.D.C. Dixie Round Dance Council
  19. I.D.L.A. Indiana Dance Leaders Association
  20. L.R.D.T.A. Louisiana Round Dance Teachers Association
  21. R.D.I.D. Round Dance Internet Directory
  22. ROUNDALAB The International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc.
  24. E-Mail to: S.T.A.R. of Arizona Inc State Teachers Association for Round Dancing
  25. E-Mail to: T.R.D.T.A.

    Local, State, National & International Activities with Round Dancing and More Information
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  26. Join the R.D.I.D., Round Dance Internet Directory
  27. Betty Hamilton Dance information, Royal Rounds Dance Club
  28. John Earley's Home Page
  29. Dave & Judy Mouton We are in north central Indiana
  30. Indiana State Convention
  31. Pat and Dale Dockery We are in Arozina
  32. All That Dance!
  33. Dance Information - Harold and Meredith Sears
  34. Mary Trankel & Don Gilder
  35. Gert-Jan and Susie Rotscheid
  36. European Square and Round Dance College
  37. DoPaso Corner banner link
  38. Sonya Savell (Jones)
  39. Weavers
  41. Michael & Regina Schmidt Homepage
  42. The Dance Connection in British Columbia
  43. Dallas/Fort Worth Harvest Holiday
  44. Florida Dance Web The primary portal for Round Dancing and Square Dancing in the state of Florida
  45. Dance Vision International
  46. R.D.I.D. Round Dance Internet Directory
  47. Dave and Brenda Gopson's Home Page
  48. * Jim Chico Rhythm Rounds Web Site
  49. Paul & Dot Hutchison, Lillian Dance in Lillian, AL
  50. Robin and Bob Young Rockin' R's Web
  51. Page

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